– Fashion desginer



-Bank acounter







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10 favorites


– Music- like to hear the beat

– Singing- express your feelings

-Dancing- love to move around

-Helping- life very to make people happy and make them feel better

-Art- like to draw feeling or funny pictures

-Sports- like to get my body active

-Fashion-like to design clothes my way

-#9 – still young

-puppy’s- really cute

-water- keeps you hydrated






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10 people I would like to meet !


– Carly Rae Japsene – what was your favorite song that you sang?

– Mickal Jakson- what song were you thinking of to do next?

– Katy Perry- What do you like best about being a “star”?

– Bridgit Claire Mendler- Do you like all those fan’s?

– Britney Spears- How old are you?

-Zendaya Colman-Can you teach me how to dance.

– Bella Throne-How did you get famous?

-Mrs.Con-did you like being a gym teacher?

-Ross Lynch-How old are you?(just wondering)

-China Anne Mcclan-How did you learn to sing like that.

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The Sid Shuffle – Ice Age: Continental Drift .


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Wild water kingdom!!


We should go to wild water kingdom because i’ve heard it’s been a great place to go  swimming.  I’ve allready been to wild water kingdom so I know how fun it really is.  We are going have some callers calling in to tell us about wild water kingdom, but before the callers call in I will tell somthing interesting  about wild water kingdom.  wild water kingdom is the biggest water park in canada.So now we will have some callers calling in.  We have a caller.  Her name is amy,she’s 10 and she’s been to wild water kingdom.  CALLER:Yes I have been to wild water kingdom and I’ve had lots of fun with my family.  These are th people in my family: Andy, my brother, me, Amy, my dad Bob, and my mom Susan.Wild Water Kingdom was so much fun! We went to Wild Water Kingdom because there was an event. We got to swim and go on the water slides, it was so much fun! And I think you should go there too. Thats al i’ve got.  ME: That was great info Amy, I can use that if someone has not been to Wild Water Kingdom. Thats all i’ve got too. So… see you next time on GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!

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Giant eyeball big as a soccer ball almost

This giant eyeball from a mysterious sea creature washed ashore and was found by a man walking the beach in Pompano Beach, Fla. on Wednesday.
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